V19 Group Art Exhibition

Monday 8th of August 2016 , Nepal Art Council, Babar Mahal, 11 min read

"Enough of Your Lies" - Bikash Shrestha

(Organized by MFA students of Center Department of Fine Arts, Tribhuvan University)


Bikash Shrestha completed 35 hours of performance to address political corruption. During the performance, he covered an entire wall of a gallery with spontaneous, expressive drawing over print-outs of the loadshedding schedule, depicting his state of mind during the power cuts.


“Enough of Your Lies” is a protest performance, a commentary on the hostility of the electricity authorities and political figures.


Performance hours:

    8th Aug 2016 : 4am - 6pm

    9th Aug 2016 : 10am - 6pm

    10th Aug 2016: 11am - 6pm

    11th Aug 2016: 10am - 7pm

    12th Aug 2016: 9am - 7pm


The immense potential energy resources of Nepal is a recurring topic; however the reality is quite different. This potential has never been fully utilized because of corruption, political conflicts, unstable governments, the short sighted foreign affairs and the lack of independent investment in mega energy projects. This has led Nepal into a severe energy crisis. Every individual of our country goes through this crisis everyday but the powerful stakeholders, ministers and the VIPs can afford to buy other energy devices and hence, do not go experience these power cuts in the same way as the general public. This 35-hr long performance took place at Nepal Art Council. The print-outs of the loadshedding schedule, which covered a wall of a 8 X 18 sq. feet room, highlighted the unpredictable and ever-changing power-cut schedules. During the performance, Shrestha gradually coated his whole body with pastes of black charcoal and vegetable oil. He covered his physical identity to represent the black-out that our country goes through everyday. Blackouts severely disturb daily schedules and economic plans - from performing tasks inside an ordinary kitchen to the larger socio-economic fabric of the country. The five-day performance ended with the wall getting covered by spontaneous expressive drawings, depicting the state of artist’s mind during the power cuts.