Health Transformed by Art

"Nepal's Herbal Exlixirs Re-imported" - Mekh Limbu

Mekh Limbu has completed a provocative commissioned installation for the hospital. Medicine vials don just contain medicines; they also remind us of the problematic aspects of the medical sector of nepal such as the uncontrolled price hike, black marketing, poor quality of medicines and negligence towards people s health. It is interesting how these issues as well as the information hinting at them on medicine labels are generally overlooked by most consumers. Limbu has worked with used medicine bottles to show the detachment people have with nature and their resulting deteriorating health. The bottles have stickers of herbs with little light bulbs shining from the inside for people to engage in the artwork and find the informative stickers themselves.


Additionally, as Limbu points out, Nepal has the capacity to produce herbal medicine. Instead, Nepal s herbs are sold aboard only to be bought back in the form of medicines. This dependency is impacting the health of thousands of people in Nepal as prices rise. Limbu s Installation raises awareness to these factors of medicine and its production and encourages people to question what they are consuming.