Subash Tamang

Subas Tamang comes from a family of traditional stone carvers. He enjoys carving, engraving and different forms of printmaking. He belongs to the indigenous Tamsaling community, much of whose history is based on oral narrative traditions that are not well-documented. Because of this historic information gap, he seeks to archive the cultural and social fabrics of his and other communities. Subas employs traditional skills that he has inherited and learned over time and uses them in his artwork to make them more interactive and meaningful . He also incorporates multimedia techniques and different technologies and is always open to experiment with new media and collaborations.

Subas Tamang received his BFA from Tribhuwan University’s Lalit Kala campus. He was commissioned by Samdani Art Foundation for his autobiographical monumental work “I Want To Die In My Own House” at Srihatta Samdani Art Center and Sculpture Park,Sylhet Northeastern Bangladesh. His work was exhibited at Artree Nepal’s Open Studio2017. Tamang was one of the participant of Monsoon Printmaking exhibition at Siddhartha Art Gallery .He participated in “Camp-Hub, Baisakh 12”, a post-earthquake community art project in 2015 which was organized by Artree Nepal. He also collaborated in an interactive exhibition piece titled “Sarangi” for Yantra 4.0’s Art-Tech exhibition in 2015. In additional, Tamang has exhibited with ARTIST’S UNITE – Call for Action in Support of Flood Relief (2014), a group exhibition titled “Amalgam” (2014), both of which was showcased at the Siddhartha Art Gallery. He was one of the recipients of the Contemporary Carpet Design –Scholarship in 2014, which was organized jointly by Everest Loom and Artree Nepal. Tamang was one of the display coordinators for Lalit Kala Mahotsav in 2014, organized by students of Lalit Kala campus. He also contributed to the interactive exhibition piece “Mane” for Yantra 3.0’s Art-Tech Exhibition (2014) and was involved in the art project “The Truth of Sacred River and Synthetic Flow” as part of the Climate+Change exhibition organized by ICIMOD between 2013-2014. Besides, Tamang has participated in multiple workshops, including printmaking (organized by the Nepal Academy of Fine Art and Bindu in 2012) and paper-mache (organized by the Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center in 2013).