'Culture Of Silence' Phase II, Protest Performance


Protest Performance,in solidarity with Dr. Gobinda KC.

Performing artists : Hit Man Gurung, Mekh Limbu, Subas Tamang, Lavkant Chaudhary, Bikash Shrestha

Coordinator : Sheelasha Rajbhandari

Supported by Students of Lalitkala Campus, Artists, Designers, Photographers,Videographers and Calligraphers.

Production : Artree Nepal 


Route : Tripureshwor - Maitighar Mandala - Baneshwor, Constituation Building 

Date : 23rd July 2016 

Time : 7AM - 2PM 


Route : Tripureshwor - Baluwatar, Primeminister Building

Date : 20 Aug, 2016

Time : 11AM - 12:30PM


Culture of Silence was a protest performed in solidarity with Dr. Govinda KC, a veteran surgeon-activist. Dr. KC was fasting unto death for the eight time, demanding the Government of Nepal to deliver better health services for poor citizens and to deprivatize the country’s medical education system. 


There were two distinct performances. In the first one the artists shaved their heads, covered their bodies with words from Dr. KC’s manifesto, and proceeded to walk barefoot–with their eyes shut–from their studio to the Constitutional Assembly building in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, a distance of four kilometers. The second consisted of a performance in front of the Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar, Kathmandu. The artists sat still as volunteers slowly covered their bodies–from their heads to their toes with gauze and surgical tape. The audience was then invited to write their thoughts and reflections on the protest. This process lasted nearly four hours. 


The first performance held on July 23 was a part of a larger demonstration, for which around 10,000 people gathered in solidarity with Dr. KC. The following day the government felt compelled to sign an agreement with Dr. KC conceding to his demands of regulating private medical education and improving access to healthcare. Unfortunately, not all the points of the agreement have been implemented, and the Nepali government remains indifferent to these pressing issues.