12 Baisakh Camp. Hub




12 Baisakh - Post Earthquake Community Art Project



'12 Baisakh - Post Earthquake Community Art Project,' was  initiated by ArTree Nepal with the Artistic Direction of the collective's co-founders Sheelasha Rajbhandari and Hit Man Gurung. 


On April 25, 2015, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, followed by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake on May 12. Nearly 9,000 people were killed, more than 22,000 were injured, and 3.5 million were left homeless. After experiencing such a devastating force of nature, the project organically sought to make sense of our ephemeral existence and potential avenues to heal in its aftermath. 


In a period of acute loss and trauma, we initiated a community based platform where community members, artists, researchers, activists, writers, educators and other professionals could come together and contribute towards cultivating hope and resilience in an unstable environment. This effort ultimately ended up being a six-months-long process. 


We decided to call the project ‘12 Baisakh,’ as according to the Nepali calendar that was the day the earthquake struck. ‘12 Baisakh’ was realized in collaboration with the residents of Thulo Byasi, Bhaktapur. The collaboration evolved over two phases. The first focused on supporting the community through the use of creative outlets for psychological counseling and addressing immediate food and sanitation needs. Temporary gathering spaces were also established to facilitate community conversations.


The second phase, titled ‘Camp.Hub,’ developed artistic engagements by learning, relearning, and acknowledging the indigenous skills, vernacular knowledge, and oral histories woven into the fabric of the Thulo Byasi community. Reimagining communal spaces as an outlet for creative expression and reciprocity was integral to this process. Through site-specific artworks, complemented by research and writing, the project presented the story of Thulo Byasi, its inhabitants, and its tangible as well as intangible heritage. The three-month long Camp.Hub phase ended with a three-day exhibition from September 18, 2015 till September 20, 2015; works and performances were presented in seventeen different private and public venues within the community. 


This project was made possible through the participation of hundreds of individuals and supported by many more. We would like to thank and acknowledge the contributions of the Thulo Byasi Community, Thulo Byasi Badminton Club, SAI Help Nepal, Sunbuk Culture Foundation, Sound Buzz, Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius, Prof. Dr. Axel Michaels, Dr. Yuki Ito, Safala Rajbhandari, Pum Youth Culture Community, Kedar Laghu, Bishal Yakami, Rakesh Yakami, Sanjay Byanju, Bikash Suwal, Nabin Basukala, Kesari Suwal, Sapana Basukala, Abhash Rajoupadhhya, Nadine Plachta, Dinesh Thapa, Myung Hwa Lee, Raj Awal, Sanjay Byanju, Sambika Basukala, Ajendra Kumar Laghu, Aabishra Panaj Basukala, Kemesh Maharjan, Kumar Basukala, Raju Byanju, Krishna Prashad Basukala, Shyam Sundar Basukala, Ajay Basukala, Anish Paiju, Tulshi Ram Yakami, Sundar Suwal, Biraj Kaji Rajopadhyaya, Sachin Yogal Shrestha, Nischal Oli, Sanam Tamang, Anil Lama, Abhas Magar, Kala Limbu, Basun Rai, Nhooja Shrestha, Niroj Bade, Suchin Shrestha, Raju Rai, Karan Tuladhar, Pranit Rai, Arjun Bhandari, Raju Yakami, Bishal Yakami, Niraj Nepal, Sanjiv Mahajan, Sony Rai, Bijendra Shrestha, Sagar Shakya, Dinesh Thapa, Raj Awal, Shree Tara Band, Maa Puchaa, Thulo Byasi Bhajan Mandal,Thulo Byasi Hari Bhajan Dafa, Thulo Byasi Basuri Samuha.